The Candy Shoppe

523 Notre Dame Street, Belle River, 519-728-0682
Date visited: May 29

The Candy Shoppe is aimed squarely at kids, and it shows.
Located in the heart of Belle River on the Essex County north shore, it skews young, with about half of its 14 ice cream flavours meant to appeal to children.

The shop serves London Ice Cream Co. We had one cone each of Georgian Strawberry Cheese Cake and Loaded Cookies ’n’ Cream. Both were good if a little airy and the term “loaded” was no exaggeration, yet even in a sugar cone it was not overwhelmingly sweet.

In addition to ice cream, the Candy Shoppe sells bottles of Pop Shoppe products and a variety of old-fashioned sweets, but has a very reduced inventory since cutting its floor space in half over the last year.

There is no indoor seating, but a wooden deck holds three tables with umbrellas and is lined with comfortable benches.
Price for a cone: kids $1.50; single $2.45; double $3.35; triple $4.25.
A sugar cone adds 30 cents; $1 more for a waffle cone.

Also available: sundaes, shakes, smoothies and frozen yogurt.

Bottom line: the Candy Shoppe is close to the Belle River Marina and the adjoining  Lakeview Park, with its white sand beach, splash pad and playground, making it a nice visit in the summer.

Marta’s notes: “It was really good and they had candy as well as ice cream. It’s nice that it’s close to the beach so if you’re really tired and really hot after being at the beach, you can go there.”

Tecumseh Bar B Q’s Frosteys

5965 Malden Road, LaSalle, 519-972-1111
Date visited: May 22, with special guest Caileigh J
Formerly Frostey’s Ice Cream Palace, this place seems to be no longer aimed at an ice cream market. It used to offer an order counter open to outside, but now requires customers to order at the take-out pick-up counter.

When we visited, no prices were posted – this is extremely unfriendly to families – and the ice cream tubs are stored out of sight, so we can’t even tell you what brand is served. There are 19 flavours listed on a board but the freezer holds just 16.
We had three cones – Chocolate Peanut Butter, Bubble Gum, and Butter Pecan. They were good.

Frosteys has no indoor seating and lots of outdoor seating at benches and picnic tables.
Price for a cone: our singles in sugar cones were $3.19 apiece.
Also available: Sundaes, shakes, malts, and a hot fudge ice cream puff.

Its conversion to a Tecumseh Bar B Q means Frosteys is now open year-round rather than seasonally. Ribs, barbequed chicken, and sandwiches anchor a full menu that includes higher-end desserts like tortes.

Bottom line: a place to stop with kids if you’re in LaSalle, the new management approach devalues ice cream so that Frostey’s no longer warrants making a special trip unless what you’re hungry for is ribs.

Marta’s notes: “well, it was really good, but I thought it could be better, because it wasn’t what I really bargained for.”

T. Bear’s Creamery

9945 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, 519-735-8445
Date visited: May 15

T. Bear’s is the Windsor distributor for Kawartha Dairy Co. ice cream, and also serves soft ice cream, yogurt and sherbets. Located directly across the street from the Forest Glade Cinema, it attracts a steady stream of family business.

T. Bear’s stocks 48 flavours of scoop ice cream, ranging from Black Raspberry Thunder to Pumpkin Pie to Marty’s World Famous Buttertart. This is good ice cream made with actual cream – we tried Crème Brulee and Bear Claw, which is dark chocolate with chocolate-covered cashew “claws” swirled with caramel. The dark chocolate actually tasted like dark chocolate, and the crème brulee was smooth and delicious.

T. Bear’s does not have seating besides a bench inside the door and is located in a strip mall—it’s meant for a pick-up and go experience. To that end, it also stocks pre-packed tubs to take home.
Price for a cone: kids $1.99; single $2.99; double $4.05; triple $5.54.
No extra charge for a sugar cone; 50 cents more for a waffle cone.
Also available: sundaes, shakes, smoothies and ice cream cakes.

Bottom line: we were surprised and pleased at the quality of the Kawartha ice cream and agreed to return. If you like ice cream you may want to check out T. Bear’s, especially given its very competitive pricing.

Marta’s notes: “It was really good and they had unusual flavours.”

Busker’s Ice Cream and Subs

1805 Tecumseh Road West, Windsor, 519-254-2212
Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Date visited: May 8

Busker’s offers a wide range of ice creams – typically, 36 flavours of hard ice cream on hand as well as soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. It serves Nestle’s ice cream favourites such as Tiger Tiger, Rainbow Sherbet and Pralines and Cream and premium selections from the London Ice Cream Co. 

On the day we went, every barrel of ice cream looked all-but brand new. A cone of Chiquita banana was really good; surprisingly, it was not oversweet. A hot fudge sundae made with soft serve was loaded with toppings, including nuts and a cherry.

Busker’s does not offer indoor seating. There are five benches outside along with six tables surrounded by chairs. It’s on a busy road, so there’s lots of traffic to watch go by, but it’s not exactly a picturesque view.
Prices for a cone:
Hard pack: kids $2.78; single $3.15; double $4.90; triple $5.90.
Soft: kids $1.75; single $2.50; double $3.15; triple $4.15.
A sugar cone is an extra 10 cents and a waffle cone is an extra 75 cents.
Also available: sundaes and banana splits, shakes, malts, floats.

Note: Busker’s also serves a full menu of subs, salads, and sandwiches from gyros on a pita to a classic reuben. French fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, etc.

Bottom line: This was a good place for us to open with, since we’re very familiar with Busker’s – it’s close to grandma’s house.
Marta’s notes: “I loved it. It was really good!”
“Personally, I thought that it was pretty nice but you got to be careful or you won’t get a seat!”