The Candy Shoppe

523 Notre Dame Street, Belle River, 519-728-0682
Date visited: May 29

The Candy Shoppe is aimed squarely at kids, and it shows.
Located in the heart of Belle River on the Essex County north shore, it skews young, with about half of its 14 ice cream flavours meant to appeal to children.

The shop serves London Ice Cream Co. We had one cone each of Georgian Strawberry Cheese Cake and Loaded Cookies ’n’ Cream. Both were good if a little airy and the term “loaded” was no exaggeration, yet even in a sugar cone it was not overwhelmingly sweet.

In addition to ice cream, the Candy Shoppe sells bottles of Pop Shoppe products and a variety of old-fashioned sweets, but has a very reduced inventory since cutting its floor space in half over the last year.

There is no indoor seating, but a wooden deck holds three tables with umbrellas and is lined with comfortable benches.
Price for a cone: kids $1.50; single $2.45; double $3.35; triple $4.25.
A sugar cone adds 30 cents; $1 more for a waffle cone.

Also available: sundaes, shakes, smoothies and frozen yogurt.

Bottom line: the Candy Shoppe is close to the Belle River Marina and the adjoining  Lakeview Park, with its white sand beach, splash pad and playground, making it a nice visit in the summer.

Marta’s notes: “It was really good and they had candy as well as ice cream. It’s nice that it’s close to the beach so if you’re really tired and really hot after being at the beach, you can go there.”

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