T. Bear’s Creamery

9945 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, 519-735-8445
Date visited: May 15

T. Bear’s is the Windsor distributor for Kawartha Dairy Co. ice cream, and also serves soft ice cream, yogurt and sherbets. Located directly across the street from the Forest Glade Cinema, it attracts a steady stream of family business.

T. Bear’s stocks 48 flavours of scoop ice cream, ranging from Black Raspberry Thunder to Pumpkin Pie to Marty’s World Famous Buttertart. This is good ice cream made with actual cream – we tried Crème Brulee and Bear Claw, which is dark chocolate with chocolate-covered cashew “claws” swirled with caramel. The dark chocolate actually tasted like dark chocolate, and the crème brulee was smooth and delicious.

T. Bear’s does not have seating besides a bench inside the door and is located in a strip mall—it’s meant for a pick-up and go experience. To that end, it also stocks pre-packed tubs to take home.
Price for a cone: kids $1.99; single $2.99; double $4.05; triple $5.54.
No extra charge for a sugar cone; 50 cents more for a waffle cone.
Also available: sundaes, shakes, smoothies and ice cream cakes.

Bottom line: we were surprised and pleased at the quality of the Kawartha ice cream and agreed to return. If you like ice cream you may want to check out T. Bear’s, especially given its very competitive pricing.

Marta’s notes: “It was really good and they had unusual flavours.”

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