Slinky’s Dairy Hut

100 Lesperance Road, Tecumseh, 519-735-1717
Date visited: June 12

Slinky’s is an institution. Situated at the terminus of the Ganatchio Trail, it operates seasonally — “from March Break to Hallowe’en,” our server said, serving a variety of ice cream treats.

Besides 32 flavours of Nestle and London ice cream hard pack, the store offers soft serve, frozen yogurt, and fancier concoctions: sundaes, banana splits, parfaits, milkshakes and sodas and floats. A word of warning though — our server told us their recipe for a Boston Cooler involves Vernor’s mixed with soft ice cream, rather than the traditional vanilla hard pack.

A girls’ soccer team ahead of us in line challenged the single server, but she handled them all quickly and expertly. Our orders of single scoops of Triple Chocolate Brownie and Gold Medal Ribbon, respectively, tasted good, but the servings were small for the price — $2.79 for a single and $3.99 for a double, plus 65 cents extra for a sugar cone and 85 cents for a sprinkle-edged cone. The total came to $7.49, our most expensive yet for the smallest cone yet.

Soft serve will run $2.19 for a single, $2.49 for a double, and $2.79 for a triple, more with a dip.

There are several stand-up tables indoors and a series of benches lining the outside, facing the parking lot.

Bottom line: Slinky’s may be a Tecumseh tradition, but it is not really worth visiting unless you’re in the neighbourhood.

Marta’s notes: “The ice cream was really good and the staff are friendly.”

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