Dari DeLite

2686 Howard Avenue, Windsor, 519-969-3845
Date visited: June 5

A stand-alone drive-up, Dari DeLite offers a limited selection of hard ice creams. On our visit, the sign listed six Sealtest flavours but the bins contained Chapmans products.

In fairness though, no one goes to Dari DeLite for hard ice cream; it’s really all about the soft serve.

A quick-moving queue forms to order cones in vanilla, chocolate or twist at three price points — $1.48, $1.76 or $2.10. Dipped in chocolate, the cones increase in price to $1.78, $2.05 or $2.38. A waffle cone will set you back $3.05.

On a really hot day, eating soft serve is a race against time and gravity to consume the sweet treat before it drips down your arm. It’s worth it to spring for the dip, which forms a casing that actually helps slow the dripping.

There is limited afternoon shade at Dari DeLite, no indoor seating and a few benches ranged along one wall facing the parking lot. But when the weather is pleasant, there are almost always families and young couples, patrons are happy and the staff is friendly and efficient.

The establishment serves its soft ice cream in a variety of creations, from sundaes to banana splits. Its menu also boasts shakes, malts, slushes, and even hot dogs (I’ve never seen anyone order one though).

Bottom line: Dari DeLite is not designed to satisfy a real ice cream craving, but is a quick and convenient stop for soft serve.

Marta’s notes: “I like the location because on a hot summer day, you can grab your ice cream and go for a walk in Jackson Park.”

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