St. Joachim Diner and Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlour

2744 County Road 42, Lakeshore, 519-728-0919
Date visited: July 10

Located in the hamlet of St. Joachim in what used to be the Country Boy restaurant, the Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlour is situated at the rear of this diner. On our visit early on a Sunday afternoon, we entered a large dimly-lit space with a small ice cream bar tucked into one end.

The freezer holds 16 flavours of Nestle ice cream and a menu board offers a variety of specialties, including milkshakes and floats, slushes and sundaes. The servers double as wait staff for the diner, but appeared promptly to wait on us.

The Big Scoop name was well-earned. We each had a baby cone that was as big as a single any place else. The baby cone was $2.65, a single is $2.95 and a double is $3.65. The parlour does not stock sugar cones and serves flat-bottomed stubby cones.

We tried a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the orange-licorice blend Tiger Tiger. Both were fine and as mentioned above, the portions were large. There were plenty of round wooden tables in the restaurant and a bench in the shade alongside the building overlooking the parking lot.

About a 40-minute drive from our downtown Windsor home, St. Joachim isn’t really a destination we will hit too often. It is on the way to Rochester Place golf course; we made the most of our afternoon with a walk through the Ruscom Shores Conservation Area.

Bottom line: The ice cream definitely seems like an afterthought to the much larger diner, and the dark tavern interior did not strike us as conducive to a family atmosphere. If we hadn’t been looking specifically for a site in the county’s north east corner, we could have given this a pass.

Marta’s notes: “It was awesome. I liked the variety of flavours they had.”

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