Beachside Eats and Treats

Jackson Street, Colchester
Date visited: July 23, with special guest Grandma
We stopped by Beachside Eats and Treats during our Explore the Shore tour, a day on which we tried four different yummy ice creams along County Road 50, the former Highway 18A.

The new ice cream stand at Colchester Harbour is part of an upgrade to the Lake Erie beach, as an effort by the town to recapture this resort’s glory days. If the menu looks like it was transplanted from a Dairy Queen, there’s a good reason. It was!

Beachside serves DQ-style soft ice cream in cones, sundaes or other forms, as well as frozen yogurt. For Explore the Shore, it gave away more than 1,000 free cones!

There is no indoor seating but several picnic tables; it’s a seasonal amenity to the neighbouring beach. A park atop the bluff features a splashpad and a large play structure in the shape of a pirate ship.

It was drizzly the day we were there, but we still had fun in the park and hope the beach draws crowds for years to come. Beachside will be a welcome source of eats and treats for those visitors.

Besides Beachside, our tour included a buy-one-get-one-free cones from Ure’s Country Kitchen’s 24 flavours of Nestle hard pack, 50-cent baby cones from the Village Country Store, and cones at Klassen’s Blueberries—Marta’s first taste of orange sherbet.

Beachside, as its name implies, overlooks the lake.

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