Waterfront Ice Cream

229 Dalhousie Street, Amherstburg, 519-736-5553
Date visited: August 7, with special guests Opa, Oma, Ute, Katja and Jens

Waterfront Ice Cream is another on our list of must-try parlours. Open March to October, it is located directly across from Navy Yard Park, and a short walk from the popular splash pad in Toddy Jones Park.

It offers a full range of ice creams – more than 50 flavours of hand scoop from Nestle and the London Ice Cream Co., soft serve, sundaes, splits, shakes, floats, slushes, sodas, and frozen yogurt with a variety of candy and fruit toppings.

There is plenty of seating, with eight tables inside, seven under an outdoor gazebo, three on the covered porch and three picnic tables with central patio umbrellas, but many clients prefer to take their treats on a stroll along the river through the lovely treed park.

Between us, we tried several cones, including Toasted Smores, Lemon Meringue, Cherry Cheesecake, Pistachio, Rainbow Sherbet, and Lime Creamcycle. All were good and creamy, and the store is so busy, they never have a chance to get stale. A kids-sized cone will set you back $2.21; a single is $2.85; a double is $3.95 and a triple is $4.42. Add 30 cents for a sugar cone or 60 cents for a sugar cone lined with sprinkles; a waffle cone is $1 extra.

The store is usually busy but well-staffed, especially on weekends, so no wait is too long.

Bottom line: Waterfront Ice Cream is a summer destination and a walk through Navy Yard Park makes it worth the drive.

Marta’s notes: “It’s yummy ice cream, especially the Toasted Smores ice cream. I think that was actual chocolate-covered graham crackers in there.”

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